"The second proper full-length in the expansive and elusive discography of Warmer Milks, Soft Walks is a unique blend of southern rock, improv and modern confusion. Features Michael Turner, Shawn David McMillen, Greg Backus and Travis Shelton (Cadaver In Drag), Paul Oldham (Bonnie Billy Band, Baby Dee Band, Speed To Roam) and Amber Kinglsey. Subject matter includes what grows, what dies, and where we fit in between. Michael Turner has been making music under the guise of Warmer Milks since 2003 and while he tries to bury the name year after year, queer circumstances always bring it back. The group has numerous tours in the States under their belt as well as one European trip to date. Warmer Milks plan on hitting the road this summer on the Midwest and East Coast in support of Soft Walks. We are very excited to welcome Warmer Milks into the ADR family. With this release being their first of 4 albums scheduled to be released in 2008, they will now truly emerge from the ghetto of the cassette/CD-R underworld and finally attract the attention they deserve." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| ANIMAL DISGUISE | 11.90

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