"The oddly titled If Only For The Hatchery was Wingtip Sloat's first new work in almost 3 years following 1995's Chewyfoot and found the boys fitter and "better recorded" than ever. 12 all new tracks and not a single throw-away (well, OK, maybe one but it's only 1 min long). Following on from their legendary early-90's singles, IOFTH finds the trio's blend of highly fragmented rock and cryptic experimentation mercifully unaltered by the comings and goings of recent trends. In the tradition of other over-intellectualizers Wire, Swell Maps, Tall Dwarfs, etc. Sloat mix the familiar and strange in equal parts, adding in unique instrumental and vocal personality. Charming and disarming, IOFTH contains lyrical and melodic tracks like "Sundowner's 90 Mile Pilot" alongside angular post-punk chargers like "Part Of Three" and makes the whole mess work. Really, this is right up their with their early singles in terms of fragmented art-damage and FUN. Also - it's on LP, HQ RTI pressing with AJ Dubac's full color collage intact and hell yes, it costs money to do that kind of stuff, so buy it!!!! 12 Tracks, 39 Mins." (label info)
in stock | US| 1996| m-/m-| VHF RECORDS | 8.00

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