"Winter Family is a duet of spokentext & music. It was born on January 2004 in Jaffa from the meeting of the Israeli artist Ruth Rosenthal and the French musician Xavier Klaine. She writes and performs her texts in English and Hebrew while he's composes and plays the piano, harmoniums and pipe organ. They recorded their first album in three apartments, a parking lot, a club in Tel-Aviv and a church in Lorraine. They have been playing live since June 2005 in concert rooms, galleries, clubs, churches and theatres in Paris, New York, Milan, Gent, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and more. They Played live on several radios in France and Israel, on the TV channel France5 (in a show together with Arthur H and Brigitte Fontaine) and on HotTv in Israel and composed the theme song of the movie 'A corps defendant' by Raphael Etienne (sensito films, Arte). Winter family composed the soundtrack of three dance pieces by the Italian choreograph Paco Decina (one for the Junior ballet of Paris and the other two for the Paco Decina company performed in the Theatre De La Cite Internationale in Paris). They collaborated with various artists such as the photographer, the musician Norsola Johnson (Godspeed You ! Black Emperor, Constellation Records)..." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2007| SUB ROSA | 18.90

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