""With Wire it pays to expect the unexpected." - Wire Mag 2008. In the 5 years since the release of their last album "Send" (in May 2003) WIRE have expounded, reviewed, contracted, lain dormant, recovered, expanded and through all that have shed an old skin and grown a new one. WIRE is not the same as it was before but then WIRE is never the same as it was before. "Object 47" (the 47th object in WIRE's discography) is nonetheless only WIRE's 11th studio album. It is the 2nd product of an arc of work began in 2006 which has so far thrown up the rather well received EP "Read And Burn 03" (from which no tracks appear) and stands as a confident statement of where WIRE are in 2008. As ever looking forward! While retaining WIRE's idiosyncratic mix of an avant-garde mindset with classic pop timing this album boasts "tunes with zoom" a unique formula that somehow manages to sound wholly WIRE (in a classic sense) and wholly contemporary." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2008| PINK FLAG | 11.90

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