""Apodiktische Gewissheit" ("apodeictic certainty") is the title of an audio-visual cooperative project from Berlin-based artist Gerhard Mantz and Wolfgang Voigt. The project is premised on a digital video piece from Gerhard Mantz. Steadily flowing geometric forms and themes move evenly around a fixed center towards the viewer. A hypnotic undertow-like effect of seductive beauty emerges - impossible to elude, whether you want to or not. Wolfgang Voigt seizes on the digital aesthetic and the mechanical flow of the images, giving them a musical equivalent. The result is a successful amalgamation of imagery and music that generates maximum intensity with minimum motion. An Impression of concurrency between loop-ish continuity and a constant forward thrust, always the same and always different, beginninglessness and endlessness is created." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2016| PROFAN | 11.50

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