""Du musst nichts sagen" ("You don't have to say anything") was a puristic sound study with lots of bassdrum and a hint of flourish, which threw a tight girdle over Wolfgang Voigt's sonic cosmos. Originally the b-side to "Rückverzauberung 2", a much more freeform exploit, "Du musst nichts..." marched towards a dark fortress, following a point-blank trail and inspired by the mute grit of the many. The remixes at hand present three distinct alternatives, starting with the Fanfaren Mix that cranks up the amount of fanfare, but also explicitly carves out the underlying 4/4 rhythm. By contrast, the Informel Mix dabs on his percussion in a more intuitive way: created as the soundtrack for an experimental video, this version doesn't so much buy into the source's drama, but focuses on what was heard between the notes in the first place. The flipside is an old acquaintance too: the Doppelvoigt Mix was showcased in a video of the same name, which took an interview given by Wolfgang Voigt and translated it into some sort of documentary Techno both abstract and humoristic." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| PROFAN | 8.50

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