Expanded version of this top cult album. Tracks: CD1:Searching For Mr Right, Includes Me Out, The Taxi, Eating Noddemix, Constantly Changing, Nita, Colossal Youth, Music For Evenings, The Music Amplifier, Choci Loni, Wulitzer Jukebox, Salad Days, Credit In The Straight World, Brand New Life, Wind In The Rigging, CD2:This Way, Posed By Models, The Clock, Clicktalk, Zebratrucks, Sporting Life, Final Day, Radio Silents, Cakewalking, Ode To Booker T, Have Your Toupee Ready, Nita (Demo), Brand New Life (Demo), Zebra Trucks, Chocalate Loni (Demo), Wind In The Rigging (Demo), The Man Shares His Meal With His Beast (Demo), The Taxi (Demo), Constantly Changing (Demo), Music For Evenings (Demo), Credit In The Straight World (Demo), Eating Noddemix (Demo), Ode To Bookert (Demo), Radio Silents (Demo), Hayman (Demo), Loop The Loop (Demo).
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2010| DOMINO | 16.90

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