"For the Staalplaat label "mort aux vaches" zeitkratzer realized a special project: "random dilettants", now out on CD: as a tribute to the label-name, every musician only melked the instruments of the other musicians in the group, instruments he does not know to play correctly. What came out, is a collection of 50 really differentiated sounds, to get hooked on.They are arranged as a piece, but can also be played and understood as a home-sound-installation, playing the CD with random or shuffle-funktion. So zeitkratzer comes here with its best quality: the sound-fetishism. "zeitkratzer's sound is sensational!" and the german newspaper "tageszeitung" wrote, ... and respect to the used media: a CD that will provide the listeners their own sound-installation." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2003| STAALPLAAT | 14.90

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