"Featuring a special guest remix appearance by the label's head honcho and sometime Quatermass artiste Vicent Fibla, this five track extended player arrested us almost immediately. The Beaver Island' is a sunblessed place on this evidence, a sultry ambient wash, perfect for kicking back on beaches and soaking up the rays. After the sun comes the more wintry, reflective chill of 'Nous marchons sous la neige', possessing a graceful but purposeful melodic strategy, poised and luscious still. Fibla's mix is a killer, a tumble of beats, and a delicious crunch, topped with Vicent's penchant for delightful melody. 'Endless summer on the beaver island' is a fitting conclusion, strings and plucked guitar seal the relationship with the less glitchy end of Fennesz's output, with a preserved grasp of harmony and hazy music for blissed out afternoons." (Boomkat) From 2002, special offer.
in stock | DE| 2002| SPA.RK | 4.90

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