"James Plotkin and his alter-ego, Phantomshmasher remix two tracks from Zu's latest album, Carboniferous, and the results are mind-bending. "Axion" gets twisted into a dense, futuristic assault of squeeling sax, thunderous bass and blisteringly-glitchy percussion, while "Chthonian" is converted into a warped journey akin to Middle Eastern street music as heard through the filter of hallucinogens. James Plotkin's body of work to date consists of over 100 releases across many formats. He has been an integral part of many groups, including Lotus Eaters, Scorn, Jodis, OLD, Khanate, Phantomsmasher, and Death Ambient. He has releases available through a variety of labels, including Kranky, Ant-Zen, Hydra Head, Archive, Utech, Southern Lord, Asphodel, Fat Cat, Earache, and Ipecac Recordings. He first worked with Zu on the remastering of their out-of-print, 2005 album "The Way of the Animal Powers" which was re-issued on LP by Public Guilt in 2010. Italy's Zu play a highly intricate, metal/math/no-wave/free/noise/punk/jazz fusion that breaks from the narrow confines of given music genres, and incorporates a wide array of influences into their unique sound. The sax/drums/bass trio's most recent album, "Carboniferous," was on many "best of 2009" lists and was named "album of the year" by Rock-a-Rolla magazine. The members of Zu are big fans of Mr. Plotkin's work and were honored to have him remix their tracks. Points: The original tracks (before remixing) are from Zu's album, Carboniferous (Ipecac/Trips und Traume) which was on many "best of 2009" lists and was voted "album of the year" by Rock-a-Rolla Magazine. Limited to 500 copies, split between two vinyl colors (grey and clear with a grey haze.) Artwork from longtime Zu collaborator, Scarful! Each 7" comes with a download card for 320 kbps MP3's of the tracks." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| PUBLIC GUILT | 7.90

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